Rumble Strip Work With Best Yet Builders Scheduled

09/29/14– Moore Haven, Florida – Thomas Grinding, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be working with Best Yet Builders, LLC to add rumble strips to LA 481: Sabine P/L BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH in Desoto County, LA to make the finished project safer for drivers. This project will take place over about one day and includes ground in rumble strips minimum 16” width in asphalt pavement.

This project is scheduled to take about 1 day and the rumble strip work by the Thomas Grinding should be completed on 10/08/14/2014.  This is the 5th time Thomas Grinding and Best Yet Builders, LLC have worked together on a project and expect the project to go smoothly and result in safer roads for drivers in the region.

For more information call: (907) 252-6326