Rumble Strip Grinding Machines

Thomas Grinding, Inc. manufactures one of the finest rumble strip grinding machines on the market today — the SS-200.

The Growing Popularity of Rumble Strips

Approximately one-third of all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the United States annually are due to run-off road crashes. That is why more and more transportation departments are making rumblestrips an integral part of their highway safety program.

They are a proven early warning system to prevent motorist distraction and sway accidents on our roadways.


For smaller projects, the SS-200 offers quick turnaround, versatile capabilities and ease of handling.

Attaches to any popular skid steer equipment with 35 hy-flo gpm or greater.

Mills up to 5 miles per day*

* Grinding speed may vary depending on the hardness of surface.

Patent numbers: 5,607,255; 5,391,017, 5,484,228; 6,843,535.