Rumble Strip Grinder Model SS-200

Model SS-200

For smaller projects, the SS-200 offers quick turnaround, versatile capabilities and ease of handling.

Shoulder Rumble Strips

The SS-200 is ideal for grinding along the shoulders of paved asphalt roadways.  When a driver drifts just beyond the designated traveled way, noise and vibration are produced that alerts the driver to correct his steering.

Center Line Rumble Strips

The SS-200 will also grind rumble strips along the centerline of highways just as easily and cost-effectively as conventional rumble strips.

Traverse Rumble Strips

The SS-200 comes equipped with the capability to grind traverse rumble strips that are commonly used to alert drivers of an approaching full stop, railroad track, or other dangerous roadway intersection.  Typically, traverse strips are ground 200 feet, then 100, then 50, then 25 feet before drivers approach their stop.

Road Planing / Line Removal

Talk about versatility!  The SS-200 easily converts to an asphalt road planing machine for line removal from roadways, planing of edges of utility cuts, or potholes for asphalt patching and repairs.  It will mill up to 1-1/4 ” depths.

Easy Maintenance & Storage

The SS-200 makes easy work fo maintenacne and storage. Along with periodic lubrication and conformity to warranty guidelines, the SS-200 will give you many years of trouble-free and profitable use. Because of it’s unique compact design, it can also be quickly transported on the back of any 1/2 ton pick up truck.

The SS-200 in Action

Note: The phone number on the video has changed. We can be reached at (907) 252-6326.

SS-200 Gallery

SS-200 Specifications

Asphalt Rumble Strip Grinding Machine Skid Steer Attachment
Ground-in Rumble Strip Milling Dimensions

  • Length: 6 1/2 to 7 1/2
  • Width: 1″ to 16″
  • Depth: 1/2″ to 5/8″
  • Center to Center Spacing 12″ Plus or Minus 1 Inch (center to center)

More Information

  • Skid Stear Mount: With universal skid steer quick disconnect attachment.
  • Hydraulic Motor: Requires a minimum hy-flow of 35 gallons per minute (40gpm preferred)
  • Production Rate: 2 to 5 miles per day. Asphalt production rate may vary depending on equipment, surface hardness, and operating conditions. Not recommended for use with concrete surfaces.
  • Approximate Weight: 2000 lbs
  • Close Edge Cutting: 12 inch width from center line of 16 inch cutting drum to the closest edge of rumble strip attachment.
  • Close Quarter Milling: Ability for cutting head to slide from center to left and right for close quarter milling (such as when grinding near guard rails).
  • Self Leveling Feature: Built-in self leveling pivoting from side to side independent of skid steer host machine.
  • 1 Year Warranty: When used on asphalt surfaces according to warranty conditions. Warranty void if used on concrete surfaces or in violations of other warranty conditions./li>