Stump Grinders

Stump GrinderSince 1993 we have “cut our teeth” on the asphalt and concrete highways in the U.S.. Using our patented technology, we have installed rumble strips on 55,000 miles of concrete and asphalt pavement, slamming the surface 5,280 times per mile.

From this technology, and using the same engineering principles, we have developed the Model SG110-32 and model SG250-44, self powered stump grinding excavator attachments.

We are confident that one of our affordable stump grinding units will satisfy your equipment needs.

Easily AttachesAt TGI we build our grinding equipment using one basic principle: “KISS” — Keep It Simple…

We make our products durable and easy to service because we utilize “off the shelf” wear parts that are normally available at your local NAPA store.

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  • Model SG250-44The all new SG250-44 is the “Big Boy” for those who think “Bigger is better”.
  • Model SG110-32The SG110-32 is the “little brother” to the SG250-44, ideal for smaller jobs and fits on a smaller excavator.